Requisite is of support type work involving interface-related transfer of patient information data through interferences having secured documentation and process control via relevant applications for patient information transfer.

Involves coordinating with the Scribes and clinicians done, with due diligence for patient care.


• Responsible for execution of the task which involves monitoring, documentation-processing, and interface management (EMR) with quality for client’s record and interface management with high patient care‑oriented execution.

• Work procedures would require due diligence compliance standards to be followed/maintained, proper job time turnarounds to be completed with data maintenance etc.,

• Interacting with involved production personnel for case follow-ups (onshore/offshore) for any data discrepancy and/or for any queries/issues.

• Responsible for maintenance of task-related documentations, logs, or records.

• Responsible for MT - based execution of applications for process execution with due patient care.

Responsible for learning in Scribe-related for process development and improvements down the road.


• Intermediate knowledge of MS – Office.

• Strong proven ability to multi-task within fast paced working environments.

• Ability to successfully manage and adapt to change efforts, new systems, and processes.

• Analytical ability – able to examine problems from multiple perspectives to identify root causes.

• Any exposure or experience from a medical transcription role background/transcription-based software usage is an advantage.

• Must be comfortable with rotational shifts as needed for the medical transcription industry.

• Must be able to work with allied teams across the board for follow-ups, updates, turnarounds etc., for report case/closures.

• Good communication skills (oral and written).

• Well-developed listening skills.

• Proven ability to function in a team-based environment with commitment to group and organization success.

• High degree of work ethic and moral integrity.